The VFD (Vanuatu Fisheries Department) is the government body charged with the implementation and enforcement of fisheries management laws, policies, regulations and principles under the Ministry of Agriculture, Live stock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB).

Andrea Traverso from Ocean Blue reports: “On the 8th February our team assisted the VFD with the set-up a tracking device on the FAD so it can be followed and/or retrieved if it brakes off. We also installed a device with an echo sounder that transmits biomass data (amount of fish present) in real time. Mostly to collect data for the fisheries”.

The mission of the Fisheries Department (VFD) of Vanuatu is “to ensure sustainable management, development and conservation of fish resources in order to achieve maximum social and economic benefits to Vanuatu for the present and future generations”.

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