PE Rating – Fishing Line Diameter Chart

Below is a guide that lists the diameter (in millimetres) of each PE rating.

PE 0.60.128mm
PE 0.80.148mm
PE 1165mm
PE 1.20.185mm
PE 1.50.205mm
PE 1.70.218mm
PE 20.235mm
PE 2.50.260mm
PE 30.285mm
PE 3.50.310mm
PE 40.330mm
PE 50.370mm
PE 60.405mm
PE 70.435mm
PE 80.470mm
PE 100.520mm
PE 120.570mm
PE 140.620mm
PE 160.660mm
PE 180.700mm
PE 200.740mm
PE 220.780mm
PE 240.810mm
PE 280.870mm

Don’t take our word for it

Fantastic trip with 5 star, fishing, crew, accommodation and meals. An excellent way to kick off one of the “bucket list” items. Sensational way to spend a week. We will definitely return.


Chris & Darren Ryan Australia

Amazing fishing, food and staff. Jeanine is amazing. We will be back.


Kim & Richard Frizell Broom – Australia
December 16, 2011