Encounter with Bonezilla – New Cal’s Bonefish

Chasing bonefish in the late afternoon on the remote flats, far north New Caledonia

By far one of the most memorable fish I have ever seen in my life came on the 3rd day. As I swung to talk to Etienne, something caught my eye and we all gasped at the same time. A fish of more than a meter long cruised between us. I distinctly saw the stripes on its flank and the unmistakable green back.
“Are your Barracuda green here?” I exclaimed, refusing to believe what I was looking at.
“NO, Bonefish, Bonefish” came the urgent reply
“Oh my God!!” […]

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Creatures that bite!

Warren Keelan discovers a wild and untamed angling paradise along the coast of Efate – Vanuatu. Nothing beats the excitement of watching fish smash a lure from the top, at times lifting the lure clear from the water in attempt to chase down and maim their prey. This fish had topped of an amazing day on a relatively new and untamed part of the ocean. […]

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The Ocean Blue Connection by C.S.Fong, Rod & Line Magazine

Early October will witness another bach of foreigners at Kuala Rompin, a name which has gradually and steadily gained recognition in the regional sportfishing front as one of the best sailfish destinations in the world. Ocean Blue, which has been very aggressive in discovering and promoting new sportsfishing destinations in the Pacific, one of which happens to be Kuala Rompin. […]

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Get a taste of what you can encounter by fishing New Caledonia…

New Caledonia’s Trophy GTs. Article by Grant Dixon, published in New Zealand Fishing News. “Prior to my first New Caledonia experience targeting their trophy giant trevally with poppers, I never realised just how technical this form of fishing could be!” […]

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NZFN readers get a good workout GT fishing New Caledonia…gym membership required!

Article by Grant Dixon, published in New Zealand Fishing News July 2011 Click to view the magazine version If planning an extended popper fishing mission, other than to a tackle shop, there is one place you should spend time at before leaving – the gym. In May, with the opening of duck- shooting out the […]

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