A “Key” Adventure 11 mates Fishing Vanuatu

It was over a year ago when Leon Key (well travelled angler) first contacted Ocean Blue to arrange a bluewater sports fishing adventure to Vanuatu. This adventure consisted of 11 mates

February 9, 2016

Big Yellowfin Season Opening for Team Mai!

The fishing for yellowfin tuna, was amazing last week for Steven Mai, Luan Pham, Mitchell Catling, Aiden Werry, Duy Lam and Adam Siotor. With a large number of fish caught on on

January 19, 2016

An All Round Vanuatu Sportfishing Adventure!

For some, escaping the daily grind means getting the adrenaline pumping. Paul White, Kevin Hartin and Daniel Simicevic chose a Vanuatu fishing adventure and change of scenery staying

December 2, 2015

Join An Adventure 16 – 21st November 2015!

Join our Ocean Blue fishing adventures to Vanuatu that target individual anglers wishing to share their passion with like minded anglers. This adventure consisted of 4 individual

November 23, 2015

A Fabulous Week with Special Friends!

We had the pleasure in hosting four couples, Michael & Libby Fennessy, Simon & Jo Lowe, Paul & Jacqui Klein along with Jim & Anna Wright-Smith at Trees and Fishes for a

October 13, 2015

Snapshot of Remote Islands Fishing with Mark Berg!

“The recent trip to Vanuatu with Fishing Addiction Member Mark Brazzale was simply amazing! We spent a week on board the Ocean Blue mother ship and sailed from Efate to Santo with

September 14, 2015

A Bucks Sportfishing Adventure to Vanuatu!

A bucks celebration before a grooms wedding is something to remember for a lifetime. For Damian Murfitt's induction into married life his mates Kevin Altera, Jason Spohn, Lou Rummer

September 7, 2015

Ultra Coral Australia 2015 Ocean Blue Video!

The Ultra Coral Australia Xmas party with Ocean Blue fishing adventures! What an amazing time we had!Thanks to everyone including Andrea Traverso and team for putting us onto the fish,

June 23, 2015

NZ’s ‘The Fishing Show’ Visits Vanuatu

“While working as a professional crewman and now making fishing television shows, I’ve been pretty fortunate to have experienced some of the best sport fishing destinations on the

September 26, 2011