The latest Vanuatu trip report just in from the team at Trees & Fishes, our guests David Grandia (6 angler group) catching a variety of bluewater and reef species last week.

Targeting big dogtooth tuna each day was a main focus for the guys, while the other usual suspects came onboard in pretty good numbers too, including red bass, bluefin trevally, wahoo, coral trout and GT’s.

Check out below some of their trophy catches below:

Fishing 6 days on 2 boats allowed the guys maximum rod time, comfort onboard & wide range of areas & techniques available. Skipper Andrea’s efforts paid off trying to isolate the larger fish from the smaller ones. In his words…

“We went to one of my favourite doggy spot and landed 2 nice doggies between 25 and 30 kgs and 3 smaller ones. Also on popper the boys got some more red bass and a nice coral tout. Moving then to a good GT area Dave’s popper got attacked by a big black shadow that left a huge splash behind his popper, another cast to the same spot and that big fish came back up, struck and missed the popper again (all that only 5 m from the boat). So Chris grabbed the rod rigged with a bait and immediately he was on to a nice 55kgs doggy. Not a bad switch bait and great action boatside!!”

Putting the brakes on a big doggies blistering first run is a combination of skill, luck & muscle (ie hang on) while the skipper does everything to change the angle of the run near nasty territory. A true team effort and well earnt to all onboard.

Ocean Blue Vanuatu

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