Still Trying for that 50kg+ Doggie but…

winter fishing for GT

Anthony and Angele are great hosts. The “fishing resort” is quite new, only 18 months or so. It is very nice, rooms are quite pleasant and well appointed. The food is fantastic, I went on a diet as soon as I arrived home. Certainly a dining experience. We had dogtooth tuna sashimi….not one but four ways of preparation….just excellent!!
But with all of that, we still came for the fishing. The Edgewater 32’s are a great fishing boat. The two guides (Eric and Andrea) are attentive and well experienced in the local waters. However, fishing is fishing and luck plays a role. We landed about 20 fish during the five days on the water: GT’s (up to 30kg), doggies (a nice middle sized fish and a few doggie heads—aka sharked), a 2.5 meter hammerhead, ocean pikes, and a few wahoo. OK, but slow… we have to come back soon. The resort is working on some high class amenities (especially considering it is a fishing lodge) such a yoga, shopping tours, perhaps a lap pool. Definitely worth a visit.

Richard Balanson
June 11, 2013
June 11, 2013

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