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Know Your Offshore Boats? Here Are The Top Types.

types of fishing boats

Apart from choosing the right kind of fishing gear, the right type of fishing boat to hop aboard is also pretty important. Knowing the different types of fishing boats as well as their functions and specialties is a must for serious anglers.

Types of fishing boats come in droves. The ones we have listed below are just some of the types of boats that are used particularly for offshore fishing that can handle extreme, adventure-heavy fishing trips. Read on if you’d like to expand your knowledge of fishing boats.

Express Fishing Boats

As the name suggests, express fishing boats’ functions is focused on speed and convenience. Express fishing boats usually come without bridgeneck ladders, and the helm is usually located near the cockpit. Express boats have more stability due to having a lower centre of gravity. Express fishing boats are recommended for anglers who just want to fish and want to have easier access to the cockpit among other parts of the boat.

Convertible Fishing Boats

For those anglers who frequently fish in groups, convertibles are perfect choice for you. Most convertible fishing boats have larger cabins and have helmdecks and a flybridge where people can also ride up. Because of its height, anglers can easily spot offshore structures that may attract fish. And if you think that all convertibles come at a hefty price, think again. Convertibles are one of the most popular types of boats in the market, which means they come in different editions that are able to match any budget.

Center Console

And the last on our list of different types of boats is the center console. The majority of anglers find this type of boat to be the most ideal for offshore waters because it can withstand rough sea conditions. Center consoles have “hulls” or V-shaped bottoms which allow the vessel to cut through waves and swells without difficulty. Center consoles also come with fish lockers, rod holders, fish lockers and tackle storage.

As mentioned, there are many types of different boats on the market. If you’re planning to buy one, always check the features and the amenities and see if it fits and matches what you have in mind. But if you’re planning to rent a chartered fishing boat, always ask the operator what kind of boats they use and what you can get out from it before you decide.

November 19, 2018