Malaysia Sailfish Safari

Want to experience the excitement of having multiple sailfish hooked up at once? It’s always a chance at Rompin. Other species encountered include small black marlin, cobia, spanish mackeral, trevally and mahi mahi, making Rompin a very exciting light tackle destination. The fishing season begins in April and continues until the monsoon which begins mid November. The months in between offer consistently calm seas and spectacular sailfish action. Kuala Rompin offers anglers an affordable international sportfishing destination, with a wonderful Malaysian flavour.

The Fishing Trip

The fishing season begins end of May and continues until the monsoon which begins early November, chances are you’ll be fishing well offshore in very calm warm waters, making the trip more enjoyable and easy. Peak months are July-October. Sailfish follow the bait fish and once bait is located the sails (and birds) are never to far behind.

During fishing travel Malaysia peak season, it’s common to see schools of sailfish surface feeding, free jumping and attacking lures and baits right up to the boat, there are simply that many fish around. The number of shots at fish means experienced and novice anglers alike can experience some of the most exciting light tackle billfish action anywhere on the planet. Sailfish work in packs hunting these waters for bait schools and their aggressive feeding patterns offer anglers numerous sport fishing opportunities.

Rompin offers anglers the option of fishing for sails using various techniques including traditional trolling, live baiting, lure and popper casting. For fly anglers the sailfish can be so thick that teasing fish to the back of the boat becomes second fiddle to simply casting into the schools. These warm, calm waters off the coast of Kuala Rompin are arguably one of the best destinations for anglers targeting these billfish.

The Experience

All sailfish have to be released at Rompin, nurturing a thriving fishery and making it an attractive destination to avid sports anglers. Kuala Rompin offers anglers an affordable international sportfishing adventure, with a wonderful Malaysian flavour.

Anglers can experience multiple shots at fish each day here as huge numbers of sails return each season to feed up on masses of baitfish. The sailfish here are very aggressive and allow anglers the opportunity to target them using a variety of techniques including live baiting, skip baiting, casting surface lures and salt water fly. Live baits are used with optimal effect as hungry sails pounce on them as they are slow-trolled or drifted from the boat. For anglers, individual sailfish average around 30 – 35kg in size and provide spectacular action on medium tackle.

Lanjut Golden Beach Resort

Located at the Johore-Pahang border on the East Coast of Malaysia. Lanjut Golden Beach & Golf Resort is set amidst the best environment Malaysia has to offer with the lush, unspoilt 130 million year old tropical rainforest of Endau Rompin National Park and pristine golden sandy beaches both just a stone’s throw away. Spread over 500 acres of land and flanked by a private beach stretching along 3.5km.

28-32ft Local Sportfishers

They are long, narrow and fast and all have live bait tanks and GPS units fitted. They are not flash hi-tech gameboats as many of us are used to, but are basic, simple and effective boats for these waters. We know the sailfish are the stars of the destination, and the fishing and experience is the main attraction for our anglers to fishing Rompin.

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Fantastic trip with 5 star, fishing, crew, accommodation and meals. An excellent way to kick off one of the “bucket list” items. Sensational way to spend a week. We will definitely return.


Chris & Darren Ryan Australia

Amazing fishing, food and staff. Jeanine is amazing. We will be back.


Kim & Richard Frizell Broom – Australia