The Vanuatu Islands – Another Time Another Pace

Vanuatu Crusing and Sailing12

Vanuatu is one of the World’s most spectacular and diverse aquatic playgrounds. Located in the South West Pacific, Vanuatu is truly a sailing paradise. Boasting more than 83 tropical islands, each one of them unique with their own fascinating culture, people and geography to discover.

Once away from the main island of Efate and capital Port Vila, visitors to other islands find a vibrant & more traditional cultural experience relatively untouched by western influences. The villagers are ever so welcoming, and love to share their culture with guests. Photo opportunities abound, expect village tours, invitations to traditional feasts & see custom dances in full native dress.

Only in Vanuatu can you witness the incredible and dangerous land diving of Pentecost island, where men of the village bungee jump off bamboo towers showing astounding skill and bravery, with only vines tied to their ankles to cushion their fall.

With everything from live active volcanoes, towering pristine waterfalls to natural freshwater swimming pools and white sandy beaches, these tropical islands provide the canvas for a truly unforgettable sailing adventure. Wildlife includes whales, dolphins, turtles and dugong as well as vast amounts of fish life and seabirds. Steep islands offer natural and secluded anchorages and private beaches for swimming.

Back on Rendezvous, cruising these islands is about a slower pace of travel and enjoying the service and comforts onboard. Experience superb sport & gamefishing, snorkelling pristine reefs or we can arrange diving with reputable operators throughout the islands. Rendezvous is offered for the following adventures:

  • Fishing Expeditions (in conjunction with out fishing vessels)
  • Adventure Cruising
  • Learn to Sail
  • Filming and Photography
  • Scientific Research
  • Bird Watching Expeditions

The unspoilt Vanuatu islands are easily accessible from anywhere in the world. With direct flights from Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and easy connections from Europe, USA and Asia.

Cruising Vanuatu aboard Rendezvous is a must for the discerning adventure traveller.