5 Phone Photography Upgrades for your Next Fishing Trip

5 Phone Photography Upgrades for your Next Fishing Trip

Let’s face it. Our phones are a technological masterpiece that connects us to millions worldwide but has also developed their camera tech that can provide quality photos and videos perfect for our fishing needs. They are so compact and easy to us and it is almost impossible to leave home without it. So, you might as well make the most out of it by taking it with you to save those precious memories that you will make while out on the water.

Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are great. But when driving a boat while in 15knot winds with anglers hooking up to yellowfin tuna busting on the surface and things are  going crazy all over, what do we grab instantly? Our phones. It’s more convenient and it’s a great alternative for high-end cameras.

Here are some of the best phone accessories that can help you improve your photography and videography while out on the water:

AxisGo Underwater housing

(sorry Android users, only iPhones for now. Fingers crossed they make Android users happy soon.)

ocean blue fishing axis goAwesome waterproofing aside, you can add accessories like a dome port that will allow you to take great split style, half above half below water shots. It gives you more confidence when taking your phone out to sea. AxisGo is under the amazing underwater camera housing company Aquatech and they have been in the business for quite some time and have been producing quality products time and time again.

Joby Gorilla Pod

Ocean blue fishing Joby Gorilla PodGreat for getting those weird angles. Best for when you want those sexy angled shots, the Joby Gorilla Pod acts like an arm extension that you can bend to suit your needs. It provides us with a better gripping platform while also helping with stabilizing shots making your clips smoother. If you are brave enough, you can bend the legs around the t-top for a great bird’s eye view shot if your GoPro runs out of juice.

MOMENT lenses

ocean blue fishing moment lensesThese guys make lenses for your phones. That’s right, lenses that you can switch around to suit different purposes. MOMENT lenses have wide angle, macro and anamorphic options available making your already great phone camera more versatile. Wide angled hero shots will no longer be limited to DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras ever again!

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

ocean blue fishing adobe lightroomAvailable for both Android and iOS. Photo geeks will be familiar with Lightroom, now also available to use on our phones where we can perform photographic wizardry in an instant, without the need to transfer and import our photos to our computers. It isn’t as powerful as its computer counterpart but will allow you to make high quality adjustments anytime, anywhere.

Tap to Focus (not a physical upgrade but an upgrade still)

Yes, those wide angled hero shots with you and the fish in focus look spectacular! But try going in a bit closer and giving the fish some prime-time exposure. On our “real” cameras, we create depth of field by adjusting our aperture and shutter settings so on and so forth to create a nice effect where the fish is in focus while everything else is blurry, allowing us to appreciate the fish more. We can replicate this effect by simply “tapping to focus”. Specifically, go into portrait mode, get in nice and close and make sure that the whole fish is in the frame. Angle the fish’s head towards the camera, tap the eye of the fish to place the eye in focus then take the shot (or multiple shots). Instant fishing photography upgrade.

So, there you have it. Some upgrades that you may or may not use in your next fishing trip. Check out our Instagram account to see more of our photos and videos. Check out our website too to see more how to articles, product reviews and trip reports.

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5 Phone Photography Upgrades for your Next Fishing Trip

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