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New Arrivals: Top Fishing Sunglasses You Can Try this 2020

In our never-ending piscatorial pursuits, our eyes are of significant importance. Let’s check out some of the latest sunnies from our favorite manufacturers to help you choose your next pair.

We only have one pair of eyes and they should be taken care of. Sunglasses are a must when out fishing as they not only protect our eyes from sharp object flying around our heads and block harmful UV rays from burning our retinas, modern fishing specific sunglasses are designed to help improve our overall fishing experience by filtering out certain lighting allowing us to spot fish below the surface while keeping them all important globes comfortable and strain free.

“The best frame shape for me might not be right for you, so please take personal preference into consideration.”

All sunglasses mentioned below are just the newest releases from our favorite manufacturers and may not be the absolute best for you.

All head and face shapes differ from person to person, so I highly suggest that you head to your closest fishing sunglasses dealer to try on frames yourself.

Costa Diego

matte black freen mirror sunnies
matte black freen mirror fishing sunnies

We’ve talked about the Diego before on our Christmas gift ideas for anglers blog and we feel that it deserves a more in-depth look at its fishing specific features that Costa claims every angler will love.

Let’s begin with the 580G glass lenses that have become a popular choice for anglers all over the world for their trademark color enhancing clarity, haze and glare reduction that helps us anglers enjoy our sport even more. We won’t get in too deep with their lens technology but I can guarantee that they are one of the best in the business.

What we love about how Costa designed the Diego is that they combined all the bells and whistles that anglers love into one frame.

We spend the whole day on the water under the sun and airflow around our face is always welcome, and these frames have vents on the spring hinge allowing airflow onto our face around the eyes to prevent fogging and help with cooling.

They’ve also added these “sweat management channels” that help channel our sweat away from our eyes towards the back of our head where the temple tips are. Not an end all solution as nothing beats a fresh towel wipe when we’re dripping bullets.

The tops and sides of the frames are shielded so light leaks are reduced, further helping with the High Definition clarity that we want. The standard case and cleaning cloth are included with your purchase and their great limited lifetime warranty is part of the deal too.

As of writing, Costa have dropped the priced from US$279 to US$195.30, so now is a great time to snag a pair.

Maui Jim Southern Cross

MJ Southern cross
southern cross front

Maui Jims have been top choice for skippers around the world forever. Their frames’ durability have been proven in use and can be backed up by Ocean Blue guide Jed Hokins.

Their patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses offer the highest glare reduction polarized lenses offer, which is why they are a skippers’ top choice. The clarity you get when the lenses are clean are second to none.

We have to mention that Maui Jim lenses are a pain in the butt to keep clean. It may be the coating on their lenses or how they treat the surface of the lenses that causes smudges to stick so easily but this is the only downside to owning Maui Jims. Keep some lens wipes with you and you should be all set.

The frame design does not have the bells and whistles that the Costa Diego has but it is functional, comfortable to wear the whole day and lightweight. The rubber nose pads and temple pads are really good as well and don’t come off even after a few seasons of hard use.

All metal components like spring hinges are anti-corrosive, adding to the overall durability of the frame. An all time classic that has the best lenses for ocean use, the Maui Jim Southern Cross are a great choice.

As of writing, Maui Jim prices their Southern Cross glasses at US$249.99 with a standard case and cleaning cloth included.

Smith Optics Barra

Guides choice shades

Not really the newest of the bunch, but the Guide’s choice has been, well, the “Guides’ choice” for quite some time now. The reason for their popularity among fishing guides are because of their ChromaPop lenses.

They work by filtering out specific wavelengths on the color spectrum to create a somewhat clearer visual experience. The lenses are also oil and water resistant which we love! A decrease in awkward wiping and cleaning of your glasses while trying to maneuver your boat.

They are scratch resistant glass as well so durability will only depend if you drop it on concrete from 10 feet high.

The frame is lightweight plastic and they have ‘megol’ nose and temple pads that adhere to your skin better than the regular rubber. It is somehow sweat and oil resistant.

The wrap around design also blocks light from the top and sides similar to the Diego and Southern Cross for decreased light leak. No extra bells and whistles here but pure no-nonsense functionality that is great for the job at hand.

As of writing, the Smith Guide’s Choice is discounted from US$239 to US$191.20 so it is a great opportunity to grab a pair now. Standard inclusions are a leash and a zip case. Funny how there isn’t a cleaning cloth included though.

Mako Edge

fishing sunglasses

Also one of the older pairs in the market, the Mako Edge is also one of the most popular glasses coming out of Australia.

The land down under has some of the harshest conditions anywhere in the world and Mako have developed and sourced materials that are able to cope with the harsh Aussie conditions, so rest assured that they will be tough and durable, capable of withstanding hard daily use.

The lenses are High Definition polarized and have anti-reflective coatings for unhindered vision. The lens clarity and quality are top notch and are also oil and water resistant.

Downsides are that the highly regarded features are coated, thus at risk for peeling off if the lenses are not taken care of well.

The frames are TR90 which are Mako’s patented frame material, which feels like a more robust and flexible plastic, which feels durable and tough in hand, yet very light on the face.

The standard wrap around coverage also decreases light leak for maximum visual clarity and glare reduction. Standard rubber nose pads and temple pads are grippy and get the job done, but do tend to slip when sweaty and oily.

As of writing, the Mako Edge cost AU$269 with the standard case and cleaning cloth included.

The glasses mentioned above are not cheap but are the top choices of serious anglers and skippers all over the world for a reason. They keep your eyes safe while providing you with the best visual experience and comfort your money can pay for.

They’ll last you a long time too before replacement pairs are needed, unlike the sunnies you get at the servo which lasts only the weekend before you chuck them in the rubbish bin.

The links for the models discusses are supplied so please feel free to check out other models available in their websites. I hope you consider investing in a quality pair of fishing sunglasses.

If you do, you will surely notice the difference and will enjoy your fishing so much more.

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New Arrivals: Top Fishing Sunglasses You Can Try this 2020

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