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Mahi Mahi Catch and Cook with deermeatfordinner

Who doesn’t love mahi mahi? We join Robert AKA “deermeatfordinner” for another red hot mahi mahi fishing and mouth-watering cooking action!

Robert and mate Jarrod on a mission to chase Mahi mahi on fly. If you don’t already know Mahi mahi is one of the most popular sport and table fish worldwide.

With a healthy population of mahi mahi here in Vanuatu, guests get to taste freshly caught mahi mahi if we catch them!

The first half of the video shows us some red hot fishing action both on conventional and fly gear.

Jarrod was especially stoked as he caught his first mahi mahi on fly in this session, and consistently caught them throughout the day.

After you’ve done and enjoyed the action, let’s breakdown the mahi mahi recipe that you’ve all been waiting for

Skip to 14:38 to get to the cleaning and cooking part, but I highly recommend watching the full video!

Recipe – Grilled / Smoked Mahi mahi fillets:


  • Mahi mahi fillets
  • Soy sauce
  • Bottled Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Honey
robert filleting mahi mahi on cooler


  • You’ll need a baking pan or a container of sorts to marinate the fillets
  • Cover the bottom of the pan with soy sauce or enough to marinade all of the mahi mahi fillets
  • Add in some honey to taste
Robert adding honey to say sauce in pan
  • Add sweet chili sauce to taste
  • Then mix the sauces in the pan until the honey and chili sauce are evenly distributed
robert holding up maggi thai sweet chili sauce
  • Add in your mahi mahi fillets into the pan and rub in the sauce
  • Make your mahi fillets are heavily coated with the marinade
  • Marinate the fillets for at least an hour for maximum flavor absorption
  • Prepare your grill while the fillets are marinating
robert marinating mahi mahi fillets in sauce

Now it’s time to fire them up!

  • Place marinated fillets on preheated grill
  • Robert uses a charcoal barrel pit grill, but any grill that has a cover will work just as fine
rob placing marinated fillets onto grill
  • Cook the fillets to your preferred doneness or do what Robert did and closed the grill to allow the smoke and radiant heat circulate inside the covered grill for an even cook
  • Serve with your preferred side dish
smoked and grilled mahi mahi fillets ready to serve

Robert comes in with the goods yet again with an easy recipe that anyone can do after a smoking fishing session. The ingredients used are very easy to find plus the prep work and cooking are very simple.

Thanks to deermeatfordinner for this great recipe. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel for more awesome videos.

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Mahi Mahi Catch and Cook with deermeatfordinner

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