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Targeting Giant Trevally (GT) on Poppers

Catching a Giant Trevally (GT) is not a walk in the park, it’s a battlefield. And when one goes to battle, you should always make sure you bring the finest and most effective weapons you can possibly use. In this post, we’ll provide some insights and tips on GT poppers and what you should consider when popper fishing.

The More Lures the Better

Here’s one thing you should understand about GT’s. They are natural hunters that are born to test your angling skills. You need to literally carry a small arsenal of poppers with you. GTs are so intelligent they won’t fall for lures that they have already scoffed or sniffed. Having a variety of poppers at your disposal increases your chance of landing a nice fish.

gt popping
gt popping

Provide Variety

The lure of choice can be unpredictable. One time they will be attracted to that shiny, silver-y popper then they will brush it off the next. To prevent this from happening, bring poppers of different sizes and variety. This way you will be able to determine which popper is the most effective in luring a trevally on any given day. Ideal popper weight should be between 80gr to 150gr.

Big Poppers generally lure big fish. But big poppers can be hard to cast if you’re not fit or a seasoned GT angler. The most important thing to note when popping is technique and action. When you fatigue your technique often goes out the window. This means less or no takers. When choosing a lure size, make sure it’s a weight you are able to comfortably cast for long periods. This may mean smaller fish, but a lot better than none at all! Remember Action is Everything!

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“No GT was able to put more than a scratch onto the 3D printed PLA material, whilst they were able to bite chunks out of my tropical hardwood poppers. To me this was the biggest achievement, seeing that a 3D printed lure has a lot of potential for this type of fishing.”

– Volkmar Strikkers, Dutch Angler

gt fishing charters
gt popping

Use the Pop and Pause Technique

When it comes to using poppers for GTs, the most effective technique is pop and pause. Pop and pause is simply pulling the rod to and pause as you wind up a slack. This creates a large splash and commotion imitating panicking bait, which we find is the best way to entice a GT to strike. You can try multiple pops and then pause for a few seconds, then go again. The key is to mix it up and see what works in the conditions of the day. Poppers usually work better in unsettled conditions with a bit of surface movement. On glassy days you may have to move over to stick baits as a better option.

Create Your Own GT Popper?

For most anglers, head down to your local tackle store to find a range of amazing looking lures.
But since the inception of 3D printers more anglers are starting to create their own poppers.

The idea may seem a bit of novel but worth a try. We’ll keep you posted with how we go!

If you’d like to have a shot at chasing GT’s Click Here.

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Targeting Giant Trevally (GT) on Poppers

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