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Still Hooked: Why Anglers Love Fishing

Despite being one of the most lucrative hobbies in the world, fishing is a sport that’s well-loved by many. In fact, there are more younger people who are being enticed to take up angling nowadays. So, what is the secret behind the longevity of big game fishing despite the massive commercialisation of fishing? In this article we will tackle what makes the anglers stick to what they really love.

Why Anglers Love Fishing? It’s All About The Passion

First and foremost, passionate people are the driving force behind sport fishing. The tradition is still strong because many expert anglers have loved the sport from childhood, so much so, that they pass down that love to their kids and grandkids. For them, fishing is a stress-reliever. That’s why many anglers consider it their weekend getaway or week-long vacation, because it gives them that recharge needed to take on the everyday world.

Nothing Like A Good Adrenaline Rush

There are different kinds of game sports out there, but fishing is a lot different and much more challenging. Why? Because it’s you and your physical strength against the fish. Unlike hunting and trapping, fishing allows you to use your muscles, balance and strength together with your mind in order to land. In addition, you aren’t able to clearly see your target, and you often don’t know what you might catch. That is why anglers love fishing, especially those anglers who are into an adrenaline rush. The challenge will always lie in the thrill, making it a great experience every time.

Anglers Are Better Conservationist

Many non-anglers may think that angling or sport fishing is a factor that affects the marine life negatively – but it is, in fact, the opposite. Most passionate anglers, if not all, know the oceans better than the average public. Anglers are not just passionate about fishing, they are passionate about the environment. They know the importance of keeping the marine wildlife preserved as well as the importance of clean water and air. Anglers are always on the front line when it comes to preservation and conservation. Click here to read more about how anglers can protect the environment.

Fishing Is Good For Your Health

Fishing is a strenuous activity but a rewarding one – a very good reason why anglers love fishing. Being outside and active most of the time provides a great way to become healthier in life. Fighting a giant fish takes the unwanted calories away which, in turn, makes your body healthier to do more fishing in the future.

These are just some of the reasons why anglers are addicted to fishing. Hopefully these points will convince you to try this challenging yet fulfilling lifestyle. If you want more visual proof, check out our Ocean Blue Fishing Instagram page where we post our epic trips and adventures with our guests and fellow anglers.

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Still Hooked: Why Anglers Love Fishing

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