Daiwa Saltiga 2020

Brooksy puts the Daiwa Saltiga 2020 to the test. What does he think?

Best spinning reel for a Vanuatu fishing charter? We previewed the Saltiga 2020 early this year. 6 months after, does Brooksy approve of it?

The Daiwa Saltiga 2020 had the hardcore saltwater anglers frothing when it was released early this year. With promises of better body design, stronger internal parts, and improved overall performance, we were all excited.

Once the hype toned down, and real-world testing began, saltwater anglers have and will notice the improvements or lack thereof, in the new reels.

Luckily, our good mate Brooksy has put his Daiwa Saltiga 2020 through its paces for the past 6 months and shares his thoughts and insights regarding Daiwa’s latest flagship saltwater reel.

To watch the full video, click here. Brooksy breaks down his top 3 most important improvements in the reel that makes it a deserving reel for a Vanuatu Fishing Charter.

daiwa saltiga 2020 drive gear

Stronger gears

Brooksy mentioned gear failure as his top issue with saltwater reels he has used before. Main gears and drive gears wearing out too soon, or getting their teeth shaven clean off while battling fish of a lifetime is not good.

Daiwa’s plan to combat wear and tear was to provide the new Saltiga with larger drive gears. The teeth size and orientation are deeper and thicker and is said to reduce wear to the pinion gears. The thickness will allow it to resist twisting and deformation that can happen during a high-torque battle with a monster fish.

6 months in, Brooksy has yet to experience any gear failure with his reel. That’s a great start!

Spool Design

Daiwa Saltiga spool close up

The spool’s lip design to be exact. The spool has a redesigned lip which Daiwa says improves line lay and allows for longer casts.

In the video, Brooksy describes the greatly improved casting experience with the rounder and chunkier spool lip, versus the older sharper style lip design of the previous generation reels.

6 months in, he has yet to experience any wind knots. Or so he says… We’ll take this comment with a grain of salt, as we’ve yet to see Brooksy using his new Saltigas in person, yet.


Brooksy and friend holding up Giant Trevally

Having full confidence in your equipment, knowing your gear won’t break in the middle of a fight or a trip can make a huge difference in your overall fishing experience.

With 6 months of copping abuse in the salt and Brooksy’s self-admittance of not being the best in caring for his reels shows how durable the reel is overall.

Make sure to check out the full video for the full detailed review.

Brooksy touches lightly on the aesthetics, the drag system, and waterproofing of the reel, but like drives in the importance of gear strength, spool improvements for casting and reliability for actual fishing use as the most important factors that need to be considered.

Can’t say we disagree with him on those points.


Brooksy has fished with us here in Vanuatu a few times already and we know hard he fishes and how hard he is on his gear and tackle.

If the Daiwa Saltiga 2020 can take 6 months of proper use by Brooksy, we know it is a top choice for a Vanuatu fishing charter.

He promises a future update on how the Saltiga holds up after more use and fishing adventures. We look forward to it.

Now, just have to get a Saltiga for ourselves to try out here at home ourselves!

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Brooksy puts the Daiwa Saltiga 2020 to the test. What does he think?

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