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Want to Improve Your Boat’s Range and Fuel Efficiency?

All boats need a little TLC and performance improvement over time. Maintaining your boat doesn’t have to be complicated, and a few small tweaks will have you getting the most out of your time on the water. Perhaps your fishing boat hasn’t been keeping up the way you would like it to lately? There are a number of outboards out there that aren’t really fuel efficient – and yours could be one. But it doesn’t mean you have to ditch the boat altogether and look for a new one. Here are some incredibly easy tips on how to make your boat improve its overall performance by boosting its range and fuel efficiency.

Reduce Your Boat’s Load

The first tip on how to improve your boats range and fuel efficiency is to put your boat on a diet. What do we mean about that? It simply means that you have to make your boat lighter by taking out some of its weight. When you buy a boat, it’s at its lightest at first. But as soon as you put items in it, it increases in weight, making it drag a bit more and as a result will consume fuel much faster. So, before you go on your next trip, have a think about removing items you don’t need or that aren’t necessary. Draining livewells before docking can also help as well.

Oil it Up Regularly

One of the reasons why boats become fuel-inefficient is because their owners don’t adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule. To prevent this, you should always fine-tune your boat regularly. This includes changing oil and filters and changing spark plugs and using the right fuel. To help you keep up with its performance, always check the performance bulletins of the boat.

Customise the Prop According to Your Needs

When buying a boat, it will come at a standard performance, with the outboard set at normal engine height paired with a standard propeller. However, standard performance doesn’t mean it will perform in a way suitable to your needs. Have your boat propped correctly to maximise the engine’s productivity. You can place your pitch props higher so it will have less slip. To optimise your boat’s load capacity, have a bigger prop (that is, if your motor has a larger gear case). If you do these things you will definitely feel the difference in range and fuel efficiency.

Take Away the Greens

No, we’re not talking about ditching the salad. We are talking about what’s underneath your boat, the part exposed in the water. When your boat has been sitting in the water for so long, there will be algae and barnacles accumulating on the bottom, creating a green empire. When they build up, your boat will increase its drag, killing your boat’s fuel efficiency and performance. The sad part is that most anglers and boat owners would never be aware of this. Check the bottom of the hull – if it needs cleaning then it has to be algae and barnacle-free. Bottom paint can also do wonders.

These are just a few helpful tips on how to improve your boat’s range and fuel efficiency. We at Ocean Blue Fishing use state-of-the-art boats that are regularly maintained to provide safe and smooth sailing for our anglers. Check out our boats here.

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Want to Improve Your Boat’s Range and Fuel Efficiency?

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