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Don’t Put Your Life On The Line: Top Fishing Safety Tips

Fishing is a relaxing and fun experience that everyone should try at least once – yep, even if you’re a complete novice. There is something fun and calming about being in the middle of the ocean with nothing solid to step on but the boat while trying to land the catch of your dreams (no harm in wishful thinking). Although fishing isn’t a dangerous sport, there are some common sense guidelines as well as fishing safety tips that everyone should follow. Read on to learn more about these fishing safety tips.

Fish When the Weather’s Going to Cooperate

Before you even get to the boat, you need to check the weather forecast. This fishing safety tip can not only avoid dangerous conditions but could save you time and money too, especially if you live in an area where the weather is highly unpredictable. You don’t want to fish in strong winds so you should get an update from a reliable weather source prior to your day.

Update Your Gear

When it is time to update, it is time. You don’t want to use fishing gear that can be a potential safety hazard. When your fishing lines get old and tangled, or your poles get worn and your lures have become flimsy, using them might cost you your safety, especially during an intense fight. Faulty gears must be replaced. And if you’re going out on a boat, always make sure to do a boat safety check and provide life vests.

Wear the Right Outfit

We’ve talked about the importance of dressing for fishing in one of our previous posts but let us stress the importance of this one again – you really have to wear the right apparel when fishing. It is also for your safety. For example, wearing a quality, protective footwear can prevent you from slipping or cutting your foot on obstacles while keeping them warm at the same time. Choose attire that will keep you comfortable whether the weather is warm or cool. And always wear sunscreen and wear a hat.

Bring a First Aid Kit With You

Getting a big catch is indeed a battle – you may fall and sustain some bruises or cuts, get hooked in the hand (yikes) or get bitten by sea insects. These things are inevitable so when it happens, a quality and well stocked first aid kit is essential. Make sure that you have all the things you need in your kit: gauze pads and wound cleansers, insect repellant, antibiotic cream etc. Make sure to take plenty of water too.

Keep Distance My Friend

This fishing safety tip is here to help you avoid hook or pole injuries which we are sure some anglers have already experienced in their fishing career. To avoid being accidentally “hooked”, you should always keep a safe distance from your fellow fishers.

Like we mentioned, fishing is not a life-threatening activity. But keep these fishing safety tips in mind so that when you do head out on the ocean nothing will spoil your fun.

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Don’t Put Your Life On The Line: Top Fishing Safety Tips

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