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The Great Pause: A Second Chance to a Better World

Our generation may have been given an amazing gift: a once in a lifetime opportunity for a fresh start. This Covid19 pandemic has turned our world upside down.

Everyone’s been locked in their homes for a serious amount of time. Businesses haemorrhaging money, the majority of the world’s population unable to go to work and make a living.

Mass hysteria has gripped humanity, causing a plethora of questionable decision-making from world leaders and the mass population which just keep adding fuel to the fire.

Not to mention the unnecessary death of thousands due to the virus. The painful realisation is that there are unethical and ruthless individuals who allowed this awful situation to happen.

The cat is out of the bag. We live in a world full of insane and disturbing problems. Problems that we ignore every day. Allowed to fester and rot, causing more damage day after day.

Problems ignored and unattended, not because we are a horrible race, or we don’t care about fixing them, but because we are more focused on ourselves.

No matter what religion, race, ethnicity, or country, humanity strives for survival at the least and dream of wealth and riches at the most.

Humans rise and grind every day in order to put food on the table, to put roofs over our heads and clothes on our bodies. We can easily close our eyes to problems because we already have barely enough time to close our eyes for sleep.

We work so hard every day that we forgot how to care. To care for others, care for our surroundings, care for anything else other than ourselves. “It’s not my problem!” We’ve all said this. Right? or Maybe it’s just me?

For most of our lives we’ve been running in our own hamster wheel. In a perpetual dream that makes us think we are moving forward albeit stuck in one spot.

So much effort, blood, sweat and tears, stopping only to eat, sh*t and sleep, then doing it again the next day, over and over again.

Then BAM! The wheel just stopped. What the hell just happened?

This is our chance to create a better future and this might be the best one we’ll ever have.

This may be a very interesting perspective to some, but I hope that as anglers and those who appreciate the great outdoors, you may share a similar view:

What has happened has given us an opportunity to push the reset button, click “NEW GAME” to play again.

May I say a second chance? We have a once in a lifetime chance to see the world in its weakest form. At no other time, ever in our lives, will we have the chance to see what could happen if the world simply stopped.

Well, here we are. It happened. Shops are closed. We can’t eat at our favorite restaurants anymore, let alone have a beer around the fire with our mates. No school and no playing outside for the kids. Traffic jams unheard of.

If we want to create a better world, for ourselves, for the future, we have been given the opportunity to make a change now. We’ve been given the chance to reconnect with the people who truly matter to us even at such a difficult time.

This is our chance to define a new version of normal. A rare and sacred opportunity to get rid of the bullshit and to only bring back what works for us, what makes our lives happier, what makes our kids happier, what makes us proud to be humans.

We get to “Marie Kondo” this. Our lives and the others around us. We may have lost the true meaning of “care” before but after what has been happening to us until now, we can surely say that this is no longer true.

We truly care for each other. We see the supportive posts on social media, healthcare workers exposing themselves daily to this virus, volunteers bring food to our healthcare workers in hospitals, shopkeepers and cashiers risk themselves for the masses’ benefit, volunteers and more volunteers.

I can’t list everyone down, but we are good people and we truly care for each other. This is our chance to define what can happen in the next 10, 20, 30 or 100 years.

This is our chance to create a better future and this might be the best one we’ll ever have.

Since this is a once in a lifetime chance, I urge you not to rush. Let’s face it, we have time. Let us start with our personal lives and our homes.

Decide how you should spend your time at home, how to spend quality time with your family. Then venture out further, to our local communities, to schools, to the brave and tireless people and organisations who we now realise are crucial for the world to keep running.

We can decide how our countries are run, who to vote for and who to give power to. If we want a closer family bond, we can make it happen. If we want better financial security, we can make it happen.

If we want a cleaner sea, we can make it happen. If we all do our little bit to implement what is practical, achievable and really matters, the world as a whole will become a better place.

So here’s an opportunity to hit “NEW GAME” and start our adventure again. Let’s do it well this time.

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The Great Pause: A Second Chance to a Better World

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