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Team Spotlight: Getting to Know Ocean Blue’s James Stamatis

Introducing Ocean Blue’s recent addition to the guide team, James Stamatis from Richards Bay, South Africa! Here are some ‘High 5s’ with James.

Let’s discover what he loves the most about being a fishing guide. 

5 Best Things About Guiding and Fishing in Vanuatu?

– Vanuatu is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever fished!

– They’re not many places in the world where you have Dogtooth and GT Fishing as well as Billfish and all other Pelagics and it’s just a 10-minute drive from the base!

– It’s one of the few spots in the world where you have 40kg+ GTs swimming around in the morning on a regular occasion.

– The possibilities of catching a giant each time you fish is so high no matter what fish you’re targeting!

– The versatility of fishing Vanuatu. You can be trolling for Big Marlin one minute, then pop for a GT the next. Want to fly fish on the flats? It’s available too! 

5 Items that you Don’t Leave at Home when Guiding? 

– Mustad Split ring pliers

– My own bag of favorite lures which include Sox Lures, ASWB, Missing At Sea, Black Ledge lures

– My Mako sunnies

– GoPro Hero 8

– GDome camera housing

5 Bands to Listen when Fishing?

– Maroon 5

– Ed Sheeran

– Avicii

– Calum Scott

– Niall Horan

5 Indispensable Lures when Fishing at Ocean Blue?

– Halco Roosta popper is on top of my list!

– 18-20cm sinking and floating stick baits

– Rapala Xrap magnum prey

– Sox Jalapeño Sinking stick bait

– 80-100g silver jigs

5 Species on your Hit List?

– 100kg Dogtooth Tuna

– 60kg GT on popper

– Broadbill Swordfish

– Rooster fish

– 50kg Amberjack on jig

5 Fishing Destinations on your Bucket List?

– Panama

– Guatemala

– Fiji

– Papua New Guinea

– Cosmoldeo Atoll Seychelles

5 Ingredients for an Awesome Fishing Trip?

– Good bunch of blokes

– Lots of beer!

– Great fishing guide

– Big fish

– Rustic living conditions

    5 Common Mistakes that Guests Make?

– When guests don’t do enough research as to what species they should target at specific times of the year.

– Going on a fishing trip searching for big fish under gunned with the wrong tackle is the single biggest mistake anyone could make!

– Don’t expect the fishing to always be on fire.

– Everyone always wants easy fishing. Blue water fishing is far from easy! So be fit so you can get the most out of your trip!

– Don’t listen to the store salesman who will always convince you to buy the most expensive lure or rod.

5 people that you would Like to Guide or Fish with?

– Johnny Brooks

– Capt. Brad Phillips from Guatemala. He is easily one of the most well-known charter captains that has a career at sea with over 35,000 billfish releases! Can you imagine the amount of stuff to learn when on his boat?

– Jaga Fiji or Jaga Crossingham, guide and charter operator in Kokomo Island in Fiji. 15 years of local Fijian water knowledge and experience.

– GT Buster or Ben Jones. Co-owner of CAST magazine.

– Cap. Nick Stanczyk– for my bucketlist broadbill swordfish.

If you are looking for a true sport fishing company that offers you more than just a Vanuatu fishing adventure, look no further than Ocean Blue Fishing. You may contact us HERE.

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Team Spotlight: Getting to Know Ocean Blue’s James Stamatis

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