How To What Are The Most Difficult Fish to Catch in The World?

We at Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures know that most – if not all –...

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How To Trouble Chasing A Hooked Fish? Here’s Our Hot Tips

Watching a video clip of an angler fighting a monster fish may look...

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Culture Want to get the kids hooked on fishing? Here’s our top tips to make fishing with kids a success.

The memory of your first fishing trip with your parents may be...

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Gear & Boats Want to Improve Your Boat’s Range and Fuel Efficiency?

All boats need a little TLC and performance improvement over time....

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How To How the Moon Affects Fishing Success

If you’ve been involved in angling for some time now, chances are...

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Travel Tips You Can’t Do That Here: Fishing Traditions and Laws Around the World

"Wait, I can’t do this here?" Chances are you have probably blurted...

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Inspiration Interesting Facts About Sailfish: Ocean’s Fast and Furious

It’s the sailfish season here in the South Pacific so perfect...

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How To How to Fight Big Fish With Stand-Up Tackle

Back in the day, game fishing pioneers challenged themselves with big...

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How To How to Fish with Stick Baits. Tips on luring More Fish!

If you struggle using stick baits then ‘stick’ around. Stick...

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Travel Tips When Not Fishing: Other Things to do in Vanuatu

When it comes to fishing, Vanuatu is one of the most perfect places...

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